Thursday, 8 November 2012

Presentation Responses and Critique

I was allocated a early slot in the first session to present my design assignment. On presentation day I arrived early with four USBs with my animation saved as three different file types. Whilst double checking file compatibilities I discovered that the speakers on the c.o.w (computer-on-wheels) were extremely quiet and the voice-over on my presentation wouldn't be heard. I had two-thirds of the script with me and presented a silent animation with an un-rehearsed and un-prepared speech. In future, I shall check all presenting software and devices to prevent this same situation from reoccurring.  
Comments from the critics included the following:
  • Perhaps more detailed climate diagrams and studies. For example: the shadow mapping animations could show the sun's positioning as well.
  • Representing the site's visual and physical connections and circulations would of enhanced my presentation and would of helped back-up the reasoning for the chosen site location for both the educational and residential precincts.
  • To enhance my story's conclusion I could of further explained the future of the site, how the Learning and Development Retreat along with its facilities would expand and evolve over time. I could of represented this with an evolving site fly through or I could of mapped possible future changes from a plan format over a series of (for example) five year segments.
It was also made clear that I failed to include construction details within my presentation. They are as follows:
Blockwork Wall with Window
Light-weight Internal Wall with Internal Glazing

Internal Concrete Column

Northern Exterior Wall


Monday, 5 November 2012

Final Presentation Animation

Final animation for the proposal of a Learning and Development Retreat for Woodfordia.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Summary Poster Development

Summary Poster for the proposal of Stage 1 - The Educational Precinct for Woodfordia's Learning and Development Retreat.
Poster Development 2
Poster Development 1
Establishing the driving and important factors generating the building's form.