Thursday, 8 November 2012

Presentation Responses and Critique

I was allocated a early slot in the first session to present my design assignment. On presentation day I arrived early with four USBs with my animation saved as three different file types. Whilst double checking file compatibilities I discovered that the speakers on the c.o.w (computer-on-wheels) were extremely quiet and the voice-over on my presentation wouldn't be heard. I had two-thirds of the script with me and presented a silent animation with an un-rehearsed and un-prepared speech. In future, I shall check all presenting software and devices to prevent this same situation from reoccurring.  
Comments from the critics included the following:
  • Perhaps more detailed climate diagrams and studies. For example: the shadow mapping animations could show the sun's positioning as well.
  • Representing the site's visual and physical connections and circulations would of enhanced my presentation and would of helped back-up the reasoning for the chosen site location for both the educational and residential precincts.
  • To enhance my story's conclusion I could of further explained the future of the site, how the Learning and Development Retreat along with its facilities would expand and evolve over time. I could of represented this with an evolving site fly through or I could of mapped possible future changes from a plan format over a series of (for example) five year segments.
It was also made clear that I failed to include construction details within my presentation. They are as follows:
Blockwork Wall with Window
Light-weight Internal Wall with Internal Glazing

Internal Concrete Column

Northern Exterior Wall


Monday, 5 November 2012

Final Presentation Animation

Final animation for the proposal of a Learning and Development Retreat for Woodfordia.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Summary Poster Development

Summary Poster for the proposal of Stage 1 - The Educational Precinct for Woodfordia's Learning and Development Retreat.
Poster Development 2
Poster Development 1
Establishing the driving and important factors generating the building's form.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

First Person Experiences

Hospitality Loft Office
Staff Library

Covered Courtyard
Staff Kitchen
Soft Workshop Office
 Construction Workshop Office
PWD and Change
Farmers Market Storage Room
Computer Hub
Resource Centre
 Ground Corridor 
Second Corridor

Stage 2: Residential Precinct

Organisers reclaimed the camping grounds dedicated to the 2,000 volunteers who work during the Folk Festival. This land was divided; sown and different types of produce were planted, all calculated and chosen with their own unique harvest periods taken into account. A harvesting calendar was developed and co-ordinated in conjunction with a number of celebratory festivals to attract more visitors and helpers during these different peak harvest periods. These festival also acted as information days promoting the Learning and Development Retreat's teaching facilities and the various educational programs on offer.

Individuals taking part in these programs and festivals will work on site for their board and live within the proposed residential precinct. These facilities will be located upon the site's western hill overlooking the educational precinct, it will be connected to it and the rest of the village via landscaping and pathways. The facilities will be made up of a series of connected dormitories for both the Learning and Development Retreat's teaching staff and patrons, the precinct will also be used by volunteers during both the folk festival and the number of small celebratory festivals held throughout the year. The dormitories are planned to be constructed and design with simular concepts to that of the educational precinct.

Planning Pattern Grid
Possible Floor Plan Set Out
Site Perspective from a north-east orientation
View from a balcony
View from another

Stage 1: Educational Precinct

Woodfordia’s Learning and Development Retreat began by investing into the Educational Precinct's facilities. A location was chosen on the northern end of the site's western hill, it is slightly elevated from, yet close to the existing village. This location allows the building to soak up all environment, visual and northern benefits. The brief consists of large craft and construction workshops, a library and computer facilities, a hall for lectures and exhibitions, a hospitality and cooking school, plus covered outdoor gathering spaces among various amenities, classrooms and offices. The facilities' design is in keeping with the Queensland Folk Federation's stated visions and beliefs as it promotes sustainable living and building concepts.
A combination of wind direction studies, multiple stepped rooves and specifically placed openings allows cross ventilation to be achieved within all rooms. Sun path diagrams and simulated shadow mapping exercises enables shading and building overhangs to be placed accordingly, creating appropriate and naturally lit spaces for teachers and individuals. The Educational Precinct itself is designed to complement the site's contours and includes one continual ramped floor plate as the building follows the road up the hill, reducing its site impact.
The precinct is mostly constructed from locally-sourced and on-site timbers and glazing, the south-west exterior wall is built from block-work, with the ground floor and main structural columns being made of concrete. Individuals can access the building from three different entry points, staircases to the second level are located at both the north-west and south-east ends of the building. The design and orientation of the facilities opens up and out to the village and north-eastern views creating practical and pleasant spaces for all individuals, as the amenities are located south-western side of the building. The building does not contain a lift service, meaning a wheelchair-bound person will not be able to access the offices on the second floor, however ground is completely accessible.
The educational building has a 3 metre wide corridor and follows a grid system, meaning the main structural elements and sized are generic repeated throughout the building. This allows flexible options for any future additions or internal fitout work to be made with ease if so desired.
Roof Plan

Sun Path Diagrams

Wind Directions
First Level
Second Level
Section Locations
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Building Perspective