Saturday, 27 October 2012

Stage 2: Residential Precinct

Organisers reclaimed the camping grounds dedicated to the 2,000 volunteers who work during the Folk Festival. This land was divided; sown and different types of produce were planted, all calculated and chosen with their own unique harvest periods taken into account. A harvesting calendar was developed and co-ordinated in conjunction with a number of celebratory festivals to attract more visitors and helpers during these different peak harvest periods. These festival also acted as information days promoting the Learning and Development Retreat's teaching facilities and the various educational programs on offer.

Individuals taking part in these programs and festivals will work on site for their board and live within the proposed residential precinct. These facilities will be located upon the site's western hill overlooking the educational precinct, it will be connected to it and the rest of the village via landscaping and pathways. The facilities will be made up of a series of connected dormitories for both the Learning and Development Retreat's teaching staff and patrons, the precinct will also be used by volunteers during both the folk festival and the number of small celebratory festivals held throughout the year. The dormitories are planned to be constructed and design with simular concepts to that of the educational precinct.

Planning Pattern Grid
Possible Floor Plan Set Out
Site Perspective from a north-east orientation
View from a balcony
View from another

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