Saturday, 6 October 2012

Design Review

A in class design review resulted in the following:
+ Idea and Architectural Fiction to date
- Form and Architectural Proposal

Feedback included:
SCALE - rather than rebuilding the entire festival up and out of the creek beds, I should recognise and incorporate existing facilities and structures into my proposal. I should also reduce the scale of my proposed forms.
FORM - there are issues within the design that may not be overcome with cut-outs, light-wells, breezeways and scaling. I should re-evaluate the idea of layering multiple functions on top of each other as it may be achieved with a simpler form, eliminating the current issues my architectural proposal has. 

USAGE - Within my farming proposition I should research and develop a seasonal produce calendar to determine when certain products may need to harvested and packaged. Smaller more intermit festivals may be organised where patrons can learn and participate in not only the packaging and distribution, but may be involved in cooking classes etc. based around the products that are in harvest.   

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