Saturday, 6 October 2012

Re-Visiting Site

From the feedback received I've decided to go back to the existing site, examine the functions and  building locations, determine which areas and building should be kept and revitalised, and which should be rebuilt and revegetated.

Existing Site

Identifying Existing Site Areas

New Site Proposal
Replace the northern camping facilities and dedicate this land to agricultural farming because of its site location and the abundance of water. The camping grounds were allocated to the festival's volunteers and overnight campers, it will be replaced with my 'residential proposal' located on the northern end of the hill closer to the existing village, not far away from its original position.
My next proposal will incorporate a communal gathering and market place, it will include existing facilities that I will remove to extend the vegetation around the creek beds. Included will be an organic cooking school and a sustainable living and education centre equipped with recognised teaching programs and subjects.

Existng Community
Revegetating the Creek and removing existing facilities


Identifying Smaller Community Hubs

Proposed Site Areas and Connections reflecting back to the 'Flower of Life' with the center of the site being the main community and focal point, however it is divided into smaller community centres. Dividing the village into smaller hubs means that during festival time the whole village can be open for business, then throughout the year and during harvest festivals not all may need to be running at the same time. Each hub could be dedicated to a specific theme or produce that the site generates contributing to the smaller community atmosphere.

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