Monday, 20 August 2012

Divide one's own and give

Project One will explore the idea of SHARING as a way for Woodfordia to become a self-sufficient community.
  • To divide one's own and give part to others
  • To have joint-ownership and equal responsibility
  • To be a part of a community
  • To divide and distribute
  • To lend and to borrow 
Sharing is not only a part of social society, it is a part of life. Expanding this concept loosens the temporal linkages between usage, ownership, resources and demands; becoming an environmental and economical aid to communities. Sharing along with education could even effectively alter and improve public behaviour and lifestyles to those that benefit sulf-sufficiency and sustainability.

Our Project One team believes that sharing is a key feature in developing self-sufficient communities because it can assist in breaking down society into more closer-knit localised community hubs. This is beneficial in providing richer and more diverse communities; offering better opportunities for trade and resource sharing within close proximities, reducing transport needs and ultimately help develop a more sustainable future.

The Mondragon Corporation located in Spain is a great business model and a great example that sharing can work and be beneficial for local communities. Mondragon is based on a humanist concept of business with strong participation, solidarity, innovative and shared business foundations among its co-operatives. It is a business-based socio-economic initiative created for and by people and inspired by the Basic Principles of co-operative experience. It is firmly committed to the environment, competitive improvement and customer satisfaction in order to generate wealth in society through business development and the creation of, preferably co-operative, employment, which:
  • Is based on a firm commitment to solidarity and uses democratic methods for organization and management.
  • Fosters participation and the involvement of people in the management, profits and ownership of their companies, developing a shared project which unites social, business and personal progress.
  • Fosters training and innovation through the development of human and technological skills, applying its own Management Model aimed at helping companies become market leaders and fostering co-operation.

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