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Woodfordia is located along Woodrow Road outside the town of Woodford in South East Queensland, the site is a part of the Moreton Bay Regional Council and is approximately a 90 minute drive northwest of Brisbane.

Woodfordia Site Boundary

Once degraded pastures, the site is now a 500 acre landscaped cultural parkland dedicated to the arts, humanities and lore. Woodfordia is home to many including the ever-growing Woodford Folk Festival since 1994. Held by the Queensland Folk Federation, the festival's organisers are a part of a non-profit community group that helped bring infrastructure to Woodfordia. In 16 weeks organisers built a 16 mega-litre dam, water tanks and a water treatment plant; installed underground water services and 2 kilometres of sewerage lines; quarried road-base and constructed 6 kilometres of roads. They also installed underground communications, built bridges, constructed four amenity blocks, pathways and designed a layout and plan for the festival. It's infrastructure allows 47 venues to run concurrently and the festival grounds include 13 bars, 46 selected cafes & restaurants, 160 craft, merchandise and information stalls, an on-site doctor’s surgery, 2 general stores, an internet cafe and treed camping grounds for 15,000 campers. Woodfordia has a closed-loop water system, all water for the festival is collected on site and treated in the waste water treatment plant, the recycled water is collected and used for irrigation. The festival uses 6.2 million litres of water over 6 days, recycles up to 100m3 of cardboard and 10 tonnes of co-mingled recyclable waste within its waste management system, and uses energy efficient LED bulbs in all street lights. The Woodford Folk Festival is one of the only major festivals in the world to have a permanent home, and over 2400 volunteers contribute to the set up and daily running of the festival.

Woodford Festival Map

Maintenance and site care requires regular attention, Woodfordia has been regenerated with over 95 000 plants by patrons of the annual Planting Weekend and a team of volunteers. The commitment of the Queensland Folk Federation to sustainability and environmental restoration of habitats, biodiversity and eco-systems has become integral to the festival. The organisers' have long-term aims for sustainable and enriching growth:

The 500 Year Plan

We recognise, appreciate and graciously receive gifts from our ancestors. We understand these are the gifts of lore and the celebration of our existence.

We aim to gift future generations a clean slate: an organisation unencumbered with financial social or environmental debt.

We’ll cultivate a convention of decision making, strengthening through time, that will resonate in our work and nurture our future.

We’ll plant a forest of goodwill and benefit from its shade.

We will build with the eyes of artists.

We’ll provide space for our descendants to meet the challenges of their generations with vigour, courage and imagination and encourage them to celebrate their journeys with levity and frivolity.

The 500 year plan lives in our minds. It is our myth. It is a vision for how we might be and sensed by all who feel our welcome.

Tree Density, Road Location and Water Flow Diagram 

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