Friday, 24 August 2012

Project One Planning

Project One is broken into four posters, the team has agreed to divide them into an introductory and summary poster, then one each focusing on sharing in terms of the economy, society and environment.

Poster Planning
Each poster will have a heading band running across the top and a timeline band running across the bottom of the page. The timeline will act as a story board explaining past chapters, present lifestyles and what is to come in the future. An example of what could be a very simple and readable approach is seen below. 


A generic base layout will be constructed for each member to use as a template for their poster, a consensus has also been made to use simple silhouette symbols and diagrams. 

Base Layout

I've been allocated poster one, the introductory and summary poster relating to the week two tutorial activity - Future Visions and Scenarios. I must identify and explore possible future issues, as a group we have chosen to focus on urbanisation. The first poster will introduce urbanisation, the site of Woodfordia and how sharing could be used to encourage future de-urbanisation. A story will be told through the timeline about the back-history of urbanisation and what needs to happen to support de-urbanisation in the future.

Possible Graphical Layout

Once the posters are in their final stages of completion, a coordination check will take place to ensure consistency across all posters in terms of fonts, sizing, colour schemes and labelling techniques.
Graphical Layout

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