Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Present Chapter

Project Theme Group Exploration:
In the context of the present chapter, the project theme groups explore the various social and cultural issues of today in prep for tomorrow.

Regional Theme - what if the Woodford Folk Festival site were to become a self-sufficient community.

More diverse communities can be located rurally. They are achieved by stimulating the economy with sustainability - organic land use, low impact dwellings and low impact lifestyles. Such infrastructure will communally allow education and growth, and gives families the opportunity to affordably live sustainably and self-sufficiently in the countryside.

“It is only by decentralization that we can increase self-sufficiency - and self-sufficiency is vital if we are to minimize the burden of social systems on the eco-systems that support them." Ecologist, 1972.

(Barton, H., 2000. Urban Form and Locality. In H. Barton, ed. Sustainable Communities: the potential for eco-neighbourhoods. London: Earthscan, pp. 105-8.)

Virtual Theme - what if Queensland Government's key strategy were to resolve Urban, Suburban and Regional issues virtually.

The context of this theme is ultimately limitless as the conclusion isn't traditionally formed through an analysis of site constraints. I believe that this theme group is more focused on designing networking systems that relate back to specific geographic locations rather than architecture itself.

Wireless technologies are modifying the relationships between users and their environments, individuals are shifting from physical interactions and activities to virtual systems that simulate just this. Innovative networking software systems will be needed in future to accommodate and support meaningful interactions both physically and virtually, while successfully attracting users back into public spaces.

Urban Theme - what if Brisbane City Council decided to introduce a London style Congestion Charge to the CBD in 2020.

If cultures and communities' change their social processes and lifestyle aspects to suit those that consider sustainability, improving congestion, reducing emissions and revitalising the city centre - the built environment will continue to develop and evolve to suit the values of that society while promoting economic, social and physical regeneration.

Suburban Theme - what if all retail Stores in Paddington Central stopped selling goods in favour of online stores, but decided to keep physical presence for customer experiences.

I believe this theme has a similar concept to the virtual one as its acknowledges that wireless technologies are modifying the relationships between users and their environments. Architectural concepts and software integration is vital to successfully attract shoppers back into the space knowing they wouldn't be able purchase onsite.

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