Friday, 21 September 2012

Site and Community Planning

I have the idea of integrating and making the community hubs disappear into and extrude out of the landscape, so that rooves become gardens, walls become contours and the building becomes apart of the landscape. All architural elements that extrude out of the landscape will have to bo no the southern sides of the village centres.

The new village locations suit the site's contours, wind direction, and avoid any future site flooding.  
General Proposed Site Areas
My architectural proposal is an extension for Project 01 in terms that my idea extends from the 'Flower of Life' or sharing pattern the group developed. The goal associated with the developed pattern was to break down the village into more localise hubs to create richer and more diverse communities through the principle of sharing.
Village Planning - Keeping inline with Project One's pattern 
The hubs integrated with agricultural precincts will offer better opportunities for trade and resource sharing, reduce transport and distribution needs, and ultimately develop a more sustainable future by reducing growth in urbanisation. This model allows societies to live in a balance between built-up and natural areas. It enables societies to live in collaboration with a number of economic, social and environmental requirements and services. Though community development and environmental education Woodfordia will enrich the lives of all residents and festival patrons and reduce humanity's ecological footprint. 
Agricultural and Vegetation Precinct Connections 
It is important that the hubs provide interwoven sharing and give-take relationships between its people, the built environment and the nature environment; allowing direct and in-direct benefits to establish and allowing its people to do more with fewer resources.

Site and Community Planning 

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