Sunday, 16 September 2012

Story Telling

I am leaning toward the idea of presenting my final project in the form of a short film. I shall present a documentary almost with a timeline of events, considering the tutors applauded project one's timeline storyboard band. I believe a visual presentation with a predetermined explanation will illustrate and convey design intensions better than a board and a speech.

Below is an example of a similar sustainable architectural story  by Bobby Bol from Studio Innua Architecture and Design:

I am drawn to this presentaion as an example i wish to follow because of its consistency and the simplicity of the graphics, the story told is very easy to follow -  a lay person would be able to understand and learn about the thinking processes involved in design sustainable community developments.
Below is a quick fly through of the sketchup site model I am developing for the project,  it is taken as if driving down Woodrow Road which borders the eastern edge of the site.

 Driving down Woodrow Road

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