Friday, 14 September 2012

Understanding and Establishing Site

The Woodford Folk Festival is one of the only major festivals in the world to have a permanent home. The current site reaches over 500 acres with the festival grounds consisting of 13 bars, 46 selected cafes & restaurants, 160 craft, merchandise and information stalls, an on-site doctor’s surgery, 2 general stores and an internet cafe.  Some of these venues also include space dedicated for a children's festival, a visual arts lane and Arti Arti, amphitheatres, a nursery, disability camping facilities, shuttle bus stops, a greenhouse, a free homeopathic clinic, committee room and much more.  

Existing Village Area Analysis  
Green = Licensed Bars
Blue = Culturally diverse food stalls and restaurants
 Orange = public specialty venues  

Existing Village Area Analysis over 3D Contour Model
The existing site currently has the main permanent festival village located in the low-lying areas following the creek line. Grassed and vegetated zones on the neighbouring hills are dedicated to festival acts and stages. The remaining un-noted areas are left for vegetation regeneration zones, patron camping and specialty service areas.
 Area Zone Analysis 2012
My site proposal for 2050 is to move the permanent village out of the low-lying, possible future flood-prone area and integrate both the festival and village zones into festive community hubs, allowing the creek to be cleaned up, revived and revegetated.

2050 Area Zone Proposal
The below diagram explores wind directions, the sun's location, visual and physical connections. 

2050 Area Zone Planning

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