Saturday, 15 September 2012

Brief and Site Requirements

Permanent Sustainable Community Brief and Site Requirements:

· Waste Water Treatment Plant (the site currently has a closed loop water system)
· Water Storage (during festivals the site uses 6.2 million litres of water over 6 days)
· Waste disposal and recycling system (currently Recycles 100m3 of cardboard and 10 tonnes of co-mingled recyclable waste with 3 different bin options are provided for waste – organic waste (which goes to an offsite methane plant), comingle (recyclables) and general waste.)
· Amenity Blocks (at present the site has 42 permanent blocks)
· Permanent electrical reticulation
· Agricultural Precincts
· Greenhouse
· Nursery
· Equipment Storage
· Transport and Parking facilities
· All weather roads ( currently there are 2118 named streets throughout the site)
· Landscaped festival precinct areas (volunteers have planted 95,000 trees and 600 species on the festival site since 1994)
· Amphitheatres, community gathering and stages
· Residential Precinct (the festival has an aggregate attendance greater than 117,000)
· Disability facilities
· Committee and Artist Precinct (folk festival has over 2,000 artists, performers and presenters; programmed events, running end to end, would fill 70 x 24hour days with entertainment)
· Commercial Precincts (the site currently has over 160 craft, merchandise and information stalls, volunteers have covered more than 13888m2 with tents and structures for its venues)
· General Stores (there are 2 onsite general stores)
· Cafes and Restaurants (together at present there are 46 cafes and restaurants spread across the site)
· Bars (site currently has 13 bars and adult festivilians on average drinks less than 2 drinks per day)
· Doctors surgery, first aid and health clinics
· Security and police station
· Children's festival and daycare

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