Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Project Two Initial Thoughts

The requirements for project two is to establish ‘Architectural Fiction’, a well thought of story or proposition for the site in future years. Building on from project one, our group chose the year 2050 with a goal that Woodfordia’s architecture will promote sustainable sharing and provide an equal balance between built-up and natural environments. The architecture will incorporate and enhance closed-loop services, environmental restoration of habitats, biodiversity and eco-systems through its design and function, as well as through collective sustainable education, socialised sharing and community lifestyle factors.

Project one explored architectural concepts and forms based on the famous pattern the flower of life, and decided it was important to create a give-take-give sharing relationship between users and the built environment. Concepts considered allowances for maximising natural energy resources; they considered surfaces areas and highlighted orientation in terms of absorbing more solar energy. Forms suggested roof structures be used for agricultural purposes where people can yield various types of crops and vegetation, and incorporating farming into the lifestyle of the building. From Project One, my vision of Woodfordia 2050 was:

Woodford Folk Festival will become a regular and more popular celebration of sharing lore, environmental stability, de-urbanisation, diversity and human rights. Its localised sharing implementation strategies and sustainable community development will lead by example and set a benchmark for communities and cities elsewhere to adapt their social trends routines and lifestyles to those that are environmentally aware. The festival's past history, committed volunteers, current sustainable beliefs and future goals will aid in making this transition successful as sustainability is more than improving the environmental quality of an area, it’s about community development, decision-making processes, awareness, involvement and engagement. About reaching a common goal and maintaining a balance between economic development and environmental protection.

The question remaining for project two is how will this be achieved architecturally?

Inspirational Images and Concepts


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